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The Baths

The Baths are without a doubt one of the signature attractions of the BVI and are located along the southwest end of Virgin Gorda facing the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Bath's Beach

The Baths are essentially a magnificent structure of boulders that sit on the beach in beautiful formations with serene cave like pools.  Unlike the Caves of Norman Island, sunlight creeps thru crevices between boulders to create stunning shafts of lights that illuminate the pools of water (cool not creepy!).

The beach surrounding is lovely white sand with good snorkeling. The Baths are a wonderful place for a family (or anyone!) to spend part of a day.

This is a day attraction rather than an overnight anchorage.  There are National Parks moorings available for day stops. I have found that these consistently fill up early during the height of the season, so the suggestion would be to get there on the early side and have a bit of patience if all are taken.


The National Parks Trust has developed a flag system as a method of communicating the conditions at the Baths. There are several flag poles visible from the mooring field that fly square flags to indicate what conditions exist: Baths Flag

  • Red Flag: Sea conditions are too rough for mooring use. Moorings closed.
  • Yellow Flag: Use moorings with caution. Do not leave your boat unattended.
  • Green Flag: Moorings are available for use.
  • Blue Flag: Marine life warning – Jellyfish are present in the area.

This flag info can also be found in your marine conservation permit required to use National Parks Trust moorings.


Navigation to The Baths

Baths BouldersYou will approach the Baths from the Sir Francis Drake Channel. The approach is wide open and straightforward.  You will spot the boulders as you approach.  Depending upon when you visit, the group of moored boats may be the most obvious beacon.  You will approach and pick up a National Parks mooring.

If the moorings are full or if there are bumpy seas, you can also pull into Spanish Town a short distance to the North and take a cab or walk top the Baths. If you decide to head north to Spanish Town, stay several hundred yards off the shore as there are a few stray rocks off the point as you approach the Yacht Center. 

Mooring at the Baths

Baths Dinghy LineNational Park Moorings are available at the Baths and are the only way to use the Baths.  There is no anchoring at the Baths as a measure to protect coral as well as to address congestion, since it's such a popular spot. Keep an eye out for the flag system as described above as you look to moor at the Baths.

Ashore at the Baths

Ashore you will find wonderful beaches and magnificent natural structures.  However, if there are any waves coming onto the beach, the landing of your dinghy will range from tricky, to embarrassing to dangerous.  Further, Dinghys are not permitted ashore so you will have to have someone on your crew to a run to drop of the beachers.

Inside the Baths BVIYou will find great snorkeling to the south of the Baths.  There is also a nice trail that will take you from the Baths to Devil's bay.  It's rocky and as with all BVI hikes, be sure to wear proper footwear (not flip flops!).

There are food and gift shops ashore at the Baths as well. Check out either Poor Man's bar or Mad Dog's for food & drinks.  You will be able to find breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Baths.