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Brandywine Bay

Brandywine BayBrandywine Bay is located to the east of Road Town on the southern side of the island on the Sir Francis Drake channel. Brandywine Bay has a beautiful white sand beach and is a nice overnight anchorage in the usual moderate tradewinds, but it can be a bit uncomfortable if the wind comes out of the South.  

Navigation to Brandwine Bay

Brandywine Bay is in behind a small reef that protrudes out from both sides of the bay’s entrance.  It's an easy shot in between the two sides of the reef and the water is 10-12 feet as you enter the small bay.  

Anchoring & Mooring in Brandywine Bay

There are 4-5 moorings in the Bay for overnight stays.  These moorings are operated by the Brandywine Bay Restaurant, which is on the east side of the bay.  These moorings are typically reserved for dinner guests at the hotel. Be careful not to pick up a private moorings in front of the apartments. The Brandywine Bay restaurant monitors channel 16 in the afternoon for dinner reservations and for instructions on mooring.

You may also anchor in Brandywine Bay to either the east or west side of the moorings.  Be sure to leave plenty of swing room off the shore should there be a wind shift to the south.  

Ashore at Brandywine Bay

There aren't much in the way of amenities at Brandywine Bay.  The Brandywine Bay Restaurant is the main attraction.  On the east side of the bay there is a dinghy dock as you come off the dock, there is a pathway to the left which leads up to the restaurant.  Other than this, there is a wonderful beach with some good snorkeling which is why many of us sail the BVI to begin with!