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Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay is a beautiful anchorage on the north side of Tortola.  Cane Garden has a wonderful long sandy crescent beach that stretches the length of the bay and is well protected making it perfect spot for kids. 

Anchoring & Mooring in Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay MapCane Garden Bay is well protected from the prevailing winds.  However, the northern ground swells can make overnights here a little bit uncomfortable depending upon the conditions.  If there is a light swell, your best bet will be to tuck into the northern side of Cane Garden Bay as best you can. If there is more severe weather with large swells you may want to consider postponing your Cane Garden Bay visit. 

There are many moorings here so picking one up, even in the busy season it really shouldn't be a problem. The mooring balls identify who runs that mooring.  You can either pay at that restaurant ashore or, as usual, a skiff will come to you in the afternoon/evening.  There is good anchoring available in Cane Garden Bay.  The bottom provides reliable holding and will typically have you in 15-20 feet of water. 

Navigating in to Cane Garden Bay

There are two reefs as you enter Cane Garden Bay. The reef is well marked by two buoys just outside the reef and two more just inside the reef.  Proceed straight thru and you will be all set.  As you enter, you will want to favor the eastern side of the entry. 

Ashore at Cane Garden Bay

There is a great long dinghy dock off to the left as you look at the shore from your mooring. This has ample room and is even lighted for those late nights ashore. 

There is a public dock on the eastern side of Cane Garden Bay with fuel and water. 

There are some great beach bars and restaurants up and down Cane Garden Bay.  Quite often there is live music at one or more of the bars. Very good generally, but it can go into the wee hours of the morning (especially on a Friday or Saturday) so if this is a problem for you, you might want to consider an outer mooring!

There are a few places of note in Cane Garden Bay:

  • Quito's Gazebo serves lunch and dinner and has some great live music.
  • Big Banana Paradise Club serves breakfast, lunch & dinner. It also has an outside deck and is a wonderful place to enjoy an afternoon Painkiller.
  • Rhymer's Beach Bar and Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  There is typically live music. You will also find ice, showers and a small market for provisions.
  • Myett's is a personal favorite.  They serve great food at very reasonable prices.  It has great atmosphere and an incredibly friendly staff.  Highly recommended!

There is a small shop that also rents kayaks, pedal boats, and windsurfers. Cane Garden Bay is well protected for these activities.  There is also a raft along the beach that is a fun spot for kids.