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Deadman’s Bay

Deadman's Bay is just to the east of Sprat Bay. Deadman's Bay is an absolutely picture perfect beach.  It has pristine white sand and is rimmed by palm trees.   You will find some good snorkeling in Deadman's Bay as well as great beaching.

As an anchorage, it can be a bit bumpy and is typically considered as a day stop. As you proceed in towards Deadman's head to the southeastern end of the bay for the best anchoring. You will be fairly protected in 15-20 feet of water with a sandy/grassy bottom. Anchoring in grass can be challenging getting the anchor set so make sure you are well set before heading ashore.

The beach to the east is available for use by boaters. It's requested that the beach towards the Resort side of the Bay be reserved for Resort guests.  However, the beach bar and restaurants can be used by boaters.  Please check dinner dress codes in advance.

Deadman's Bay is also easily accessible from both Sprat Bay and Great Harbor.  I have found that getting early to one of these two harbors and getting a mooring is a great way to enjoy the beaches of Deadman's.