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The Dogs

The Dogs are a small group of five uninhabited Islands that sit just to the West of Virgin Gorda.  They are named for the barking sound from the seal population that used to inhabit these islands (long ago). The Dogs are made up of Great Dog, George Dog, West Dog and Seal Dogs (east & little). 

The Dogs have good water all around them. The only area of caution is between the Seal Dogs where there is not enough water to pass between. They are all in a protected area of the National Parks Trust as well as a bird sanctuary.

There are three good day anchorages in the Dogs that provide a nice lunch stop on your way to the North Sound or coming back from Anegada. The best anchorages are on Great Dog and George Dog.

On George Dog, there is a very nice anchorage in the bay to the west of Kitchen Point where you will find National Parks Trust moorings.  There is a wonderful beach and the snorkeling is excellent here (and elsewhere in the Dogs).

Great Dog offers two anchorages. Along the south side of the island there are National Parks Trust moorings you may pick up and use with your permit. These moorings are in ~25 feet of water.  The moorings are recommended as the bottom is rocky.  This is the more protected of the two anchorages. The other anchorage is off the beach on the northwest side of Great Dog.  Like the other anchorages in the Dogs this also has National Parks moorings for use with a permit.

It's best to visit the dogs during good weather as they are open to the swell more than many other areas of the BVI.  The Dogs offer nice secluded areas and great snorkeling at these three spots.