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East Tortola & Islands

The East end of Tortola has many fantastic overnight and lunch anchorages.   Sailing the eastern end of Tortola there and are a few safe passages available thru the various islands.

East TortolaThe passage between Great Camanoe and Little Camanoe, and the passage between Monkey Point (on Guana Island) and Tortola is fairly wide and straight forward to navigate.  Monkey Point is marked by a towering rock & coral formation which serve as your landmark. There is roughly 50' of water and you should split the passage right down the middle.  As you clear Monkey Point (sailing from the North side) you will proceed East/Northeast toward Little Camanoe. 

If you are sailing to the North Sound on Virgin Gorda or Anegada, proceed North between Great Camanoe and Guana Island.  Note, that if there is a north east blow combine with the northern swell, you will be in for a bumpy (but beautiful!) trip thru this passage. 

If you are headed towards the East side of Tortola (Marina Cay, Trellis Bay) you will head South around Little Camanoe, leaving Little Camanoe to your starboard and Great Camanoe to port.  This passage is narrow but not difficult if navigated under power and during daylight hours.  The primary considerations when negotiating this passage are the small reef that juts off the northeast side of Little Camanoe you will see the breaking waves on this reef.  Leave a good berth to your starboard as you move thru this passage.   The north swell can also become accentuated as you pass thru this relatively narrow area.

As you come thru the passage you will turn to port as you round Great Camanoe.  This will bring you to the entrance of Marina Cay to the northeast and Trellis Bay to the southeast.

East Tortola Day Anchorages & Moorings

In addition to Marina Cay and Trellis Bay, there are some lovely anchorages that are excellent for lunch stops but are not recommended as overnight anchorages.  The issue with these anchorages is the northern swell which in the winter months may make these spots a bit bumpy even as lunch spots. 

Guana Island – Monkey Point

Monkey Point is located on the southern tip of Guana Island and looks at the north side of Tortola.  It is reasonably well protected from swells but can have a bit of a roll. Monkey Point offers good anchoring and several moorings that are available by park permit holders.   You will find some nice snorkeling off to the south side by the large rock marking Monkey Point.  Dolphins have been spotted in this area and there is a nice small beach ashore. 

Guana Island – White Bay

White Bay on Guana Island is situated just to the north of Monkey Point and also faces Tortola.  White Bay gets its name from the beautiful long white beach that curves around the bay.  The anchoring is good here although there are no moorings and the depths run between 18'-28' There are coral heads along the shore that offer some good snorkeling. 

Tortola – Little Bay

Little Bay lays along the northern side of Tortola to your starboard as you pass thru the Monkey Point passage.  These beaches should be avoided if there is any sort of surf that you can see from your boat.  It's great from shore in these conditions but a bit hazardous and uncomfortable in all but calm conditions.