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Great Camanoe & Lee Bay

Lee Bay sits on the West side of Great Camanoe and faces Guana Island.  Lee Bay is a secluded spot a bit off the beaten path (at least relative to other East Tortola spots).

Lee Bay is a protected anchorage that is typically used as a day/lunch spot.  However, Lee Bay can be used as an over night anchorage in the right conditions.  The bay offers great protection from the Northeast wind but may see some rolls from the north swell.  

Getting to Lee Bay is straight forward, there are no obstructions as you enter the bay.  Coming from Marina Cay, you simply run thru the Little Camanoe passage making sure to stay clear of the reef off the northeast corner of Little Camanoe. This approach is best done under power. Approaching from the north is also a clear shot to Lee Bay to the point that you can actually sail in from this side. 

Anchoring in Lee Bay

The best area for anchoring in Lee Bay is right in the center of the bay.  You will be in water about 15 feet of water with good holding. Be careful where you anchor as there are coral heads present in the bay.  These make for some great snorkeling in Lee Bay but you don't want to anchor on/near them!

Great Camanoe and Lee Bay Chart