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Green Cay & Sandy Cay

There are also some great beaches just off Little Jost van Dyke.  These are secluded and picturesque day anchorages that are also accessible by dinghy from Little Jost. 

Little Jost van Dyke: There is one nice beach to the west on Little Jost van Dyke harbour along the south side of Little Jost.  This is an easy dinghy ride from Little Jost Harbour and is a great place to anchor for lunch. 

Sandy Spit and Green Cay

A bit further west from Little Jost van Dyke Harbour are Green Cay and Sandy Spit.  You can anchor off of these islands and dinghy of swim ashore.  These should only be approached from the west side as they are well protected by reefs.  The northern swell hits the north shore of each island leaving the south side protected.  Even still, you should be careful in bringing your dinghy ashore.  Definitely doable but can be a bit tricky with the swell.  Sandy Spit is a spec of an island that is little more than a wonderful beach and some palm trees.  Perfect place for a tropical lunch or swim!

Sandy Cay

Sandy Cay sits about 1 mile off of Little Jost Harbour towards Tortola.  There are a few day moorings available and anchoring is also good.  The moorings and anchorage sit to the west of the island. Sandy Cay is absolutely gorgeous but there are no facilities of any sort. However, it offers the perfect secluded tropical back drop. Sandy Cay is also a short dinghy ride from Little Jost, in the right conditions it's an easy ride. Sandy Cay has some maintained paths that allow you to walk across the small island up to the Eastern bluff where the northern swell comes ashore.  You will want proper foot wear for this short walk because there is coral and cactus along the way.