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Key Bay & White Bay

Peter Island features two smaller day anchorages, Key Bay & White Bay.

Key Bay

Key Bay sits along the southern side of Peter Island on the western end.  This is a great is a great day anchorage that offers a beautiful beach and a secluded setting. You will approach the anchorage from the south, favor the point side to avoid the rock on the western side of the entrance.  You will anchor between the point and Key Cay in 15-20 feet of water. In addition to the peaceful beach, you will find some great snorkeling along the western side of the point.

White Bay

White Bay sits along the south side of Peter Island and offers a beautiful white sand beach.  Considered a day anchorage, White Bay is best when there are no ground swells. This is a good secluded lunch spot before heading into one of the other Peter Island harbors.