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Little Harbor on Peter Island

Little Harbor is the westernmost of the overnight harbors on Peter Island. It's a small harbor, as the name suggests, with room for a handful of boats.  Little Harbor is a well-protected overnight anchorage with good holding ground along the eastern side of the harbor.

Anchoring in Little Harbor

Once inside Little Harbor, proceed to the eastern end of the harbor for the best anchoring.  You will find a sandy bottom with good holding and anywhere from 15-30 feet of water.  You may find that you are back-winded during certain times of the year. As a precaution, make sure that you have ample swing room or you may want to consider deploying two anchors as a precaution.

As an alternative to the eastern side, you can find good anchoring along the southern shore (eastern end). Look to anchor in 25-35 feet of water.  You may find yourself fairly close to shore as it tends to drop off quickly.  Avoid anchoring along the southwestern side of Little Harbor as there is coral which is in ~45ft. of water so you won't be able to see it, but it's there so avoid it.