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Little Harbour – Jost van Dyke

Little Harbour on Jost van Dyke lies just to the east of Great Harbour.  It's a smaller harbour but is well protected and easy to navigate.

Navigation to Little Harbour

There is a clearly marked channel that guides you in to Little Harbour (green and red buoys at the entrance).  The entrance is easy to navigate and you will be in deep water.  The only consdieration when entering Little Harbour is a shoal/reef that juts off the western shore (to the port as you enter). 

Anchoring and Mooring in Little Harbour – JVD

There are moorings in Little Harbour that you will pay for at Harris's Place ashore on the west side or Abe's on the east side.  There is also good room to anchor on eiither the east or west sides.  However, parts of the harbour are deep making it hard to visually check your anchor and requires more scope/swing room. The botton is typically hard sand.

Ashore in Little Harbour – JVD

There are three restaurants/bars in Little Harbour:

  • Sidney's Peace and Love (west side) – Sidney's is noted for all of the t-shirts hanging from the rafters and as the place where you can pour your own drinks.  Sidney's is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner has live music a few nights each week.
  • Harris's Place (west side)
  • Abe's (east side) – lunch and dinner with reservations

Hiking: Little Harbour is a great departure point for some great hilly hikes.  Wear the proper shoes and you can hike up and over to Little Jost or even to Great Harbour (a bit longer) and you will enjoy some great vistas along the way.

There are goats abound on shore and there are also roosters that will not let you oversleep your early morning departure!