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Little Jost van Dyke

Little Jost is a great quiet, small and peaceful harbor.  It is a wonderful kid/family friendly stop on the southeastern end of Little Jost Van Dyke. Entrance to the Little Jost Van Dyke anchorage from the south is easy and there are no danger spots, although to port as you enter, there is a shoal that puts you in ~17 feet of water.

Little Jost van DykeThere are only 10 moorings in Little Jost, however, they don’t seem to fill up until mid afternoon even during the busy season in March.  You pay for the moorings at Foxy’s Taboo. If these moorings are all taken, there is ample anchoring.  Towards the mouth of the harbour you will be in ~30 feet of water and ~20′ further in.  There is good holding but the anchorage can get a bit bumpy in a southern wind.

There is one restaurant/bar on Little Jost, Foxy’s Taboo.  Foxy’s Taboo is an open air a restaurant with a great dinghy dock (but high!) and also has room for larger boats to tie up for lunch. Dinner tends to be local seafood, there is also a great bar area.  In addition, there is a small gift shop but there are no garbage disposal facilities.

Natural Bubbly Pool

JVD Bubbly PoolThe bubbly pool is a natural ‘pool’ created by rocks and fed by swells crashing thru a small opening to the pool from the Caribbean Sea.  The bubbly pool is a short 15 minute walk thru the mangroves from Foxy’s Taboo.  It is recommended that you wear shoes for the hike as there are cacti along the way and a bit of rough terrain (yes, I have found out the hard way).  This is a spot worth visiting, however, due caution is required.  The surf entering the bubbly pool can become quite strong when the swell is up.  There have even been several deaths here in recent years.  It is generally very fun and as safe as the ocean can be but warning is due here.

While you are there, a hike/climb over the rocks gives you a great view of the swells crashing against the rugged shore.

Snorkeling:  Along the eastern shore of Little Jost van Dyke, there is a nice little reef that offers some good snorkeling. Keep your eyes peeled for an octopus and you may also get to see the occasional sea turtle.  Under your boat you may also get some Remoras gathering!