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Road Harbour

Road Town, Tortola is the capital of the British Virgin Islands and is the central hub of boat chartering in the BVI.  For many charterers, Road Town is where your voyage will begin and end.

Navigation into and out of Road Harbor

When you approach Road Harbour from the Sir Francis Drake Channel look for the two large round fuel tanks along the starboard shore in Fish Bay.  You will also see a large radio tower along the starboard shore a bit further in.

Road Harbour ChartOn the opposite (western) shore, your landmark will be the rounded roof top of the Fort Burt Hotel perched on Burt Point.

If you are approaching from the Southwest, the first buoy you will pick up will be a flashing (3 sec) green buoy off of Burt Point and marks Denmark Banks.  Further in to the east there is a flashing red (8 second) buoy situated off of Fish Bay. This buoy marks Scotch Bank. Keep this to starboard as you enter Road Harbor.

Inside Road Harbor there are a number of marinas that serve as charter bases and offer services and accommodation to other boaters. Marinas in Road Harbor include:  Road Reef Marina, Fort Burt Marina and Wickham's Cay I & II.  Both the government dock and cruise ship docks are prominent features within Road Harbor but are for commercial and official use.

Road Reef Marina

Road Reef Marina sits along the western side of the harbor and is nestled on the north side Burt Point.  Road Reef Marina is home to TMM Charters.  Ashore you will find electricity, ice and water.

Fort Burt Marina is where you will find Conch Charters.  This marina is on the Western shore of Road Harbor just next to Road Reef Marina.

The Government Dock

The Government Dock is the primary point of entry to the BVI.  This is where vessels arriving from outside the BVI will clear customs and immigration.  To clear customs, it is best to anchor off of the government dock then dinghy in.  The docks themselves are used by ferries and commercial vessels. The main ferry dock is located here, in addition to BVI customs and immigration this is also the main office of the BVI Tourist Department. You can grab a taxi from here or it's just a short walk in to town.

Baugher's Bay

Baugher's Bay is on the eastern side of Road Harbour and sits to your starboard and just under the radio tower as you enter.  Baugher's Bay is primarily a commercial port and is where from where the Peter Island Resort ferry operates.

There are a few restaurants in Baugher's Bay including the Chillin' Cafe, a restaurant and bar that serves Caribbean fare for lunch and dinner.  You will also find Capriccio di Mare that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.