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Salt Island

Anchoring & Mooring at Salt Island

Salt Island is a small uninhabited Island that lies on the southern side of the Sir Francis Drake Channel just between Cooper Island and Peter Island.  Salt Island is best known as the resting place of the wreck of the HMS Rhone.  

There are no harbours at Salt Island with overnight moorings.  However, there are two anchorages on Salt that are advised for day use only.  

The Salt Island Bay anchorage is along the northern side towards the western end. There are no hazards as you enter from the Channel and you will anchor in 15-20 feet of water.  

The Lee Bay anchorage is located on the western side of Salt Island and is where you will find the wreck of the Rhone.  Lee Bay is a good place to anchor or pick up a day mooring then dinghy over to the Rhone (just south) where you will see boats on the National Trust moorings.  There is a dinghy line there that you can tie onto and snorkel the shallower part of the wreck.

If you are visiting the Rhone, you will need to pick up a National Trust day mooring at the site of the Rhone or in Lee bay (permits are required and are for boats less tan 50 feet). Anchoring at the Rhone is forbidden.