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Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay is a beautiful sandy crescent beach to the north of Spanish Town and just around the corner from Little Dix Bay.  This is a great beach for lunch or a swim when the north swells are down.  

There are gorgeous yet hazardous reefs protecting Savannah bay which make entering a bit tricky. In fact some charter companies consider Savannah Bay to be a 'no-go' area, so check with your charter company before venturing in.

Approach to Savannah Bay:

You will approach Savannah bay from the south western end by Blowing Point. There is a break in the reef through which you will enter the Bay.  

Once inside, turn to your port and proceed a safe distance off the shore to the northern end where you can anchor towards Pond Bay in 15-20 feet of water. The snorkeling in Savannah Bay is fantastic and well worth the trip.

Once anchored you can dinghy ashore to Giorgio's Table which is a wonderful Italian restaurant situated on the point between Savannah and Mahoe/Tetor Bays. There is a dock, incredible view and excellent food.  

Savannah Bay Chart