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Submit a Discount to the BVI Cruisers Discount Book

Submit any discount you want. Better discounts will get more customers. Here are a few ideas for the types of promotions you can submit: FREE Painkiller, $3 Beer, $10 off dinner, 5% off your next charter... You can even limit your offer: 1 per customer, valid 4-6pm daily, 'when you buy dinner', etc...
  • We will link to your site and can use your logo if you'd like.
  • We'll follow up to verify your discount offer.
  • We'll email you to verify your discount offer.
  • If you'd like us to call to discuss your discount offer.
  • i.e. FREE Painkiller, $10 off dinner, 10% off any t-shirt, $3 beer, Free ice & water, 5% off your next charter, etc.
  • i.e. limit 1 per customer, valid between 4 and 6pm daily, etc.
  • We'll include this logo in the BVI Cruising Guide Discount Book and on the website. We can also take a logo from your website if it's easier for you.
    We will only use this for the discount book and BVICruisingGuide.com website if your discount offer is approved.