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Wickhams Cay

At the head of Road Harbour to the North, are Wickham’s Cay I and II.  As you approach you will see the cruise ship dock.  This is especially hard to miss if there are cruise ships actually in port!  Inside Wickham’s Cay on the starboard side is Wickham’s Cay II, which is the home of The Moorings, Sun Sail and Foot Loose charter companies.

Leave the cruise ship dock to port and pass thru the entrance marked by the break water.  There is a red and green buoy just inside this breakwater, these are the only buoys inside Wickham’s Cay.

Wickhams Cay Map

Wickham’s Cay I

Wickham’s Cay I is inside Wickham’s Cay to the port as you enter.  This is the home to Village Cay Marina that has dock space/slips for 120 boats. There are full accommodations available here as well as access to provisions and easy access to down town Road Town. You can hail the Village Cay Marina dock master on VHF channel 16.  There are many choices for food, shopping and services (including banking) and provisions within walking distance from the Village Cay Marina.

Wickham’s Cay II

Wickham’s Cay II is to the starboard side as you enter past the breakwater.  This is a great marina that is the home of charter companies including The Moorings, Sun Sail and Footloose.  Although Wickham’s Cay II is dominated by charter boats there is also accommodation for non-charter visitors on C dock (north end of Wickham’s Cay II).  There is a complete compliment of amenities here including fuel. You can hail Wickham’s Cay Marina on VHF 12.

If you are chartering aboard a Moorings, Sun Sail or Footloose boat, this is where you will begin and end you charter.  It is a great place to begin your adventure.  There is a pool that is available for use by charter and hotel guests (yes, there is a nice hotel called the Mariner Inn here as well). There are also some great washrooms with spa style showers – a great way to start you cruise or finish it up with a nice shower before heading to the ferry or airport.

There is a restaurant and bar by the pool that provides burgers and higher end entrees. The food is good if not a bit pricey.  It’s a nice place for that first night dinner or a good hang out for lunch and a drink by the pool.  It’s convenient and with a good atmosphere.  There is also a restaurant called Charlies (named for the Mooring’s founder, Charlie Cary) on the southern end by the B dock with a bit higher end menu and bar (yet casual, open air dining) – it’s a very nice way to start of end a cruise. While there are not as many choices for dining in Wickham’s Cay II, it’s a very short dinghy ride to Wickham’s Cay I, where you will find more to choose from.  A family favorite is Spaghetti Junction that is located on the wharf by the Inner Harbor Marina.

The Moorings invested $15m in 2008 to completely renovate the village.  It’s a beautiful facility. You will find some great boutique shops including a HiHo store with great Caribbean inspired clothing, a fishing/water sports store for rentals and purchases.

There is a breakfast and lunch cafe as well as a store where you can rent cell phones (mandatory with Moorings charters) PCs. DVD players and other electronics.  There is an ATM but it’s best not to depend upon it as it has been out of order on a number of occasions that I have tried to use it.  If this is not working, your best bet is to dinghy over to Village Cay Marina where you will find several banks just off the dock. Finally, there is a small market that is good for picking up a few extras before heading out.  They carry beer, wine and liquor.  This is good market for filling out your provisioning but not for doing all of your provisioning.

Operations for the charter company Sunsail are located on the “D” dock. The Sunsail office is at the end of D dock, this is the former office of The Moorings prior to the renovation. The Sunsail complex includes showers and washrooms.

Provisioning options

The Moorings provides an excellent provisioning service for their bareboat charterers.  The Moorings offers a wide selection of food and beverage options as part of their full or partial provisioning packages.

For adult beverages try TICO (http://www.ticobvi.com/), it’s in Wickham’s Cay II and is walking distance from the Marina. TICO offers a full line of beer, wine, liquor. You can pre-order for their website, pick up when you arrive or they even deliver.

If you don’t have the Moorings provision for you, you can provision via Riteway that is a full sized super market (vs. the mini mart on the base).

Inner Harbour Marina

Inner Harbour Marina is a smaller marina located alongside Village Cay.  It’s a smaller marina that offers services and walking access to Road Town for day or monthly visitors.  You can hail the Inner Harbour Marina on channel 16.