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Biras Creek

Biras Creek ChartBiras Creek is the resort and mooring field located in the northeast corner of the North Sound.  It's a more secluded mooring spot (compared to The Bitter End or Saba Rock) and it's very well protected by hills and mangroves.  In fact, Biras Creek is a designated hurricane shelter area – just to give you a sense of how well it's protected.  The Biras Creek Resort is at the head of the mooring field. 

You will approach Biras Creek via the Bitter End mooring field or by cutting behind that mooring field (along the south side).  It's an easy approach with good water with the only obstruction to look out for being Oyster Rock at the Eastern end of the sound towards Biras Creek. It is marked with a red buoy and should be to starboard as you approach.

The Biras Creek Resort restaurant is available to boaters however there are some rules that are good to know about before heading ashore…there are no kids (under eight) permitted on the resort grounds, there is a dress code at the restaurant (no shorts after 5:00, no jeans or sneakers).  Reservations are required at the restaurant. Finally, the beach and pool are designated for resort guests only.  

Moorings in Biras Creek are good for boats up to 60' and cost $30/night   There is also dock space available and reservations are recommended.  You can hail Biras Creek on VHF channel 16 or by phone at 284-494-3555

One of the highlights of Biras Creek is the Fat Virgin restaurant, located on the eastern side of Biras Creek, The Fat Virgin is a casual restaurant with outstanding food at great prices.  It's a not to be missed lunch spot in the BVI.  Check out their Roti!  You can tie up your dinghy right at the restaurant.  There is also a nice little gift shop with some unique items.

The Bitter End Resort, Saba Rock and Vixen Point are all an easy dinghy ride from Biras Creek.  So even though you are in a quieter location, there are still lots of things easily accessible.