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Saba Rock

Saba Rock is a small speck of an island that sits between the Bitter End on Virgin Gorda and Prickly Pear Island. Despite it's tiny size, it is an absolutely wonderful island resort and most definitely worth a visit during your travels to the BVI.  Saba Rock includes a small resort  with a handful of rooms that open on to a lush tropical garden behind the restaurant.  The garden features two comfortable hamocks that sit between palm trees and look out over the waters of Eustatia Sound. 

The restaurant at Saba Rock is a favorite in the BVI.  It offers a great menu variety and good food at reasonable prices. It's a great atmosphere for families and adult crews alike.  They have a great gift shop and a remarkable fish tank with moray eels, local fish and sea life.  It's a great way to kill time with kids while waiting for your food!  In the evening there are also Tarpon that gather around the underwater lights of the dinghy and ferry docks.  There is also free wifi on Saba Rock.

There is also a great collection of antique outboard motors that have been restored to mint condition. 

Anchoring & Mooring at Saba Rock

Saba Rock manages a mooring field with a quite a few moorings.  These moorings are $25/night ($5 less that Bitter End) and entitles you to water and a bag of ice daily.   The dock is open daily from 7:00am. You can pay in the gift shop or a skiff will come to your boat in the afternoon.  There are some moorings situated close to the restaurant, these can get noisy at night with the sound from the restaurant and buzz of the ferry, dinghies and launches.  There are also some moorings along the shore of Prickly Pear.  It's not unusual to see turtles swimming thru the Saba Rock moorings. One of the nice thing about Saba Rock moorings (vs. The Bitter End) is that they are a bit less busy from a boat and dinghy traffic perspective.

There is also room to anchor along the shore of Prickly Pear where you will find yourself in ~20'-25' of water on a sandy bottom with good holding.

The Moorings charter company has a small (like 1 person) base on Saba Rock that is able to assist with any mechanical or service issues and can also offer navigation guidance on going to Anegada.

Finally, there is a free launch/ferry service from Saba Rock to other ferry docks around the North Sound.  The ferry operates from 7am to 11 pm.

Saba Safe Boating

Beaching it from Saba Rock

If you are looking for a classic Caribbean secluded sand beach, you will find a few just a short dinghy ride away.  There is a beautiful and secluded beach on the northern side of Prickly Pear Island, just across from Eustatia Island, In your dinghy you will go out past Saba Rock and go left along the backside of Prickly Pear.  The beach is about a 5 minute ride from Saba Rock.  You should use caution when landing your dinghy as there is a swell that makes landing and leaving tricky buy doable if you are careful.  The other beach worth checking out is on the south side of Eustatia Island, it is a smaller beach than Prickly Pear but is easier to land in a northern swell.

Prickly Pear Beach