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The Bitter End Yacht Club

Anchoring & Mooring at the Bitter End

The Bitter End Yacht Club is one of the most popular destinations in the BVI.  The Bitter End is a dream resort for people who love the water and water sports.  If you love boats and don't visit the BVI on a boat, the Bitter End is where you want to be.

Bitter End Yacht Club ChartAs you round Vixen Point, you'll turn to the port and will pick up a channel marked by two sets of lighted buoys.  This marks the ferry channel and will bring you into the mooring field for The Bitter End (to starboard) and Saba Rock (to port).

There is plenty of room to anchor towards the back (southern end) of the mooring field.  If you anchor, just be sure to stay clear of the ferry channel. 

The mooring field is among the largest in the BVI (70+ moorings).  This is good because The Bitter End attracts so many boats.  You will generally have luck funding a mooring regardless of when you arrive, but during the height of the season, the mooring fields does fill up and you'll want to be in by 4:00pm or so if you want to get a mooring.  You can pay for the mooring at the Quarter Deck if you'd like to use a credit card or a skiff will come to your boat at 5:00pm or so to collect the fee in cash.

The mooring fee for the Bitter End is $30, which is $5 more than most other destinations.  However, you have easy access to an unbeatable set of amenities ashore.

Slips & Berths: 

The Quarter Deck provides access to berths and slips.  There is electricity and typically 12 feet of water at the docks that typically accommodates vessels of 100 feet or so.  There is also accommodation for larger mega yachts (up to 200ft) closer to the docks by the Biter End reception area.  Mega yachts often frequent the North Sound and the Bitter End that are always fun to scope out!  with a depth at the fuel dock of 12 feet. Vessels taking a berth will also have electricity hookups.  If you have a larger yacht and are looking for a berth, you should make arrangements in advance by hailing the Bitter End on VHF 16 or by phone at 284-494-2745.

There are two dinghy docks at The Bitter End.  The first is directly in front of the reception area for the Bitter End.  It's marked by a large flagpole, and is at the end of the channel…it's hard to miss.  The other dinghy dock is just to the east at the fuel dock.

The fuel dock is located at the Quarter Deck Marina that is part of the Bitter End property.  In addition to fuel, this dock also provides the ability to fill up on water.  The fuel dock is open 8am to 4:30pm, the dock can tend to get a bit congested in the morning as many boats are looking to top up before heading to Anegada or other destinations.  Definitely anticipate this is you are looking to get an early start or top up the afternoon before departure.

Ashore at the Bitter End

There is something for everyone ashore at the Bitter End Resort.  Most notably is the ultimate playground for boaters and water sports enthusiasts. There are so many things to do here that this is a good place to spend a few days.  Here's what you'll find ashore:

  • Provisions Emporium – You'll find just about everything here from meats to fruits & veggies, dry goods and drinks.  If you need it, you'll find it but the prices are high-end resort prices.  If you are planning where to do a big re-provision, you'll be better off at a place like Trellis Bay or Soper's Hole.
  • Dining – There are some great dining choices.  They are all resort quality and prices. You will find a Steak & Seafood restaurant, and English Pub which doubles as a sports bar. 
  • Entertainment – There are live bands on weekends and nightly during the high season.  There is also an outdoor theatre that features kids movies.
  • Tech Amenities – Free wifi is available in the Clubhouse and English Pub.  If you are having trouble getting away from work, there is also a fax available at the front desk.
  • Shopping – There are several shops at the Bitter End including: The Reeftique features gifts & clothing and The Bitter End Outfitters
  • Spa – The Spa at the Bitter End offers massages, yoga, aromatherapy, manicures and facials.
  • Water Sports – There are a great variety of over 100 boats and boards available for The Bitter End guests.  They have Optis, Hobies, kayaks, Lasers, windsurfers, Bics, 11' Boston Whalers and larger sail boats.  Visitors can also use these by paying a rental fee. Try zipping around the North Sound in a Hobie
  • Fishing, Scuba and Snorkeling – There are also charter services that will take you out for some great Caribbean fishing and dive (snorkel & scuba) trips to Eustatia Sound
  • Boat supplies & Mechanical services can be arranged through the Quarterdeck Marina.   If you are chartering with The Moorings, they also have a service shop located next door at Saba Rock.
  • Trash disposal
  • Showers
  • Hiking


There are some small beaches as part of the Bitter End Resort but they can tend to get crowded.  If you are looking for a classic Caribbean secluded sand beach, you will find a few just a short dinghy ride away.  There is a beautiful and secluded beach on the northern side of Prickly Pear Island, just across from Eustatia Island, In your dinghy you will go out past Saba Rock and go left along the backside of Prickly Pear.  The beach is about a 5 minute ride from Saba Rock.  You should use caution when landing your dinghy as there is a swell that makes landing and leaving tricky buy doable if you are careful.  The other beach worth checking out is on the south side of Eustatia Island, it is a smaller beach than Prickly Pear but is easier to land in a northern swell.