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White Bay – Jost van Dyke

White Bay is the western most anchorage on the south shore of Jost van Dyke. White Bay is an ideal day anchorage and an acceptable overnight anchorage in milder conditions.  If there is a swell, which is typical in the winter months, you will be safer and more comfortable in one of Jost's other anchorages. 

White Bay has a wonderful long white sandy beach protected by a small reef that makes for some good snorkeling.

Navigation to and Anchoring in White Bay

White Bay MapDespite the good holding ground, White Bay is a pretty tight anchorage with little room to swing and can be open to the swell if it's up.  As a result, White Bay is considered to be a day anchorage and isn't typically used as an overnight anchorage. There are three entrances through the reef protecting White Bay. 

You will find that the best approach is thru the middle entrance between the two reefs.  Just outside of this cut, there are two buoys marking the entrance. The red buoy should be left to starboard and the green buoy left to port while entering. This middle entrance is ~15 feet deep and you can anchor to either the port or starboard once inside where you will find a sandy bottom with good holding in 7-11 feet of water.  However, be sure to anchor clear of the channel as this is the entrance and exit for White Bay.

The cut between the reefs to the eastern end of White Bay can also be used as an entrance. This is similarly marked with two buoys. Once inside you can anchor or pick up a mooring that can be paid for in Ivan's. 

The western most cut the reef is not recommended as an entrance into White Bay as it is narrow, unmarked (as of this writing) and quite shallow (~5-6 feet).  In fact, boats drawing >5 feet should be cautious in the western end of White Bay regardless of how they enter.

On shore in White Bay

White Bay is dotted with some absolutely great bars, restaurants and hotels. On the western end of White Bay you will find the world famous Soggy Dollar beach bar. The Soggy Dollar describes what your dollar bills will look like after a swim ashore from your boat.  The Soggy Dollar is renown as the birthplace of the Pain Killer!

Located on the western side of White Bay is the The Sandcastle, a resort that serves a great lunch, gourmet dinners and a full breakfast. You will also find: Gertrude's Beach Bar and Boutique, Jewels Shack, Wendell's World, One Love Bar and the White Bay market. On the eastern end of White Bay you will Find Ivan's Stress-free Bar.  The Sea and Land Adventure Centre is the place to go for kayaks and other water toys, bikes and ATVs.